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Shine Music Festival | August 8, 2021

Levitt Pavilion | Denver, CO

The Dance4Shine Challenge

Help support Shine by showing off your dance moves!

Dance4Shine Challenge Rules

  1. Record 15 second video dancing and post to Facebook or Instagram
  2. Tag @ShineMusicFestivalDenver & @ShineBoulder in post.
  3. Challenge 3 people to dance for 15 seconds or donate a minimum of $10 to support the Shine Music Festival by tagging them in post.

Follow Shine Music Festival and Shine Boulder for updates and announcements.

Prize Winners

Shine Music will randomly award prizes to Dance4Shine contestants:

Julie Hurley – 2 VIP passes, 2 Shine Music Festival concert t-shirts and 1 concert poster.

Meet the Shine Sisters

Shine Music is beaming with excitement over our new collaboration with the Shine Sisters! Whether it was magic, the Universe or a common goal that brought us together, one thing is for certain, it’s a perfect fit.

Triplets Jessica, Jill and Jennifer Emich, formerly of the acclaimed restaurant Trilogy Wine Bar & Lounge (2000-2009) and Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar (2011) to its latest iteration and expansion: Shine Community. This new transformation of Shine is inspired by our desire to expand beyond the four walls of our restaurant to products, classes, education and lifestyle so we can guide you to empower your health in every area of your life. We feel a drive and responsibility to serve food & beverages that are sourced from local farmers, grown organically and prepared holistically for best optimization to not only build health in our bodies but in our local economy as well. Our classes represent our mission of nourishment from the inside out through cooking how to’s, holistic nutrition, dance, yoga, meditation, breathwork and more for the whole family.

Shine Community

This is a time to Shine, a time to trust . . .
This life is one for me to live fully, even as I offer myself to others and to service.
Service will come from my heart, my mind, and my spirit.
This is the way of magic and power. This is my way.
I am here as one of many, and yet my uniqueness is what makes this community prosper.
I will shine my gifts from the heart and share them with the world from a place of truth, transparency, and purity.
I am here as a creator, and I will create, love, live, laugh as much as I can every moment.
I am Magic, I am Power. Every Single Day, I will remember this.
From the Heart,
The Shine Family