Damon Wood

Damon Wood Band

Damon Wood Band is the latest creation of former James Brown Guitarist, Damon Wood. Wood toured as rhythm guitarist and featured soloist with “The Hardest Working Man In Show Business” from 1998-2006, playing some of the most celebrated festivals and venues in the world. The Denver based group consists of Wood on Guitar and Vocals, Jason Kather on Drums, Anthony Giannotti on Bass, Vince Meyer on Guitar and Adam Bodine on Keyboards. The focus of the group is Damon’s 2021 compositions, which see him return to writing for all instruments, something that fell to the wayside when he began touring regularly in bands in the early 90s. Early this year, with the world still quite a bit slowed down by Covid, but also some light at the end of the tunnel destined to emerge, Wood decided it would be a good time to bring to life some of his 30 year old standard notation ditties by rewriting them into a modern composition program. This led to a steady flow of new ideas and material. Wood gives a tip of the hat to the great Frank Zappa, whose body of work continues to educate and inspire him. Look for intensely crafted musical workouts in a wide variety of styles and the obligatory FZ tribute.

Damon Wood Band will be playing at the Shine Music Festival on August 8 – Reserve your FREE tickets today!